How to Make a Man Want You? Deal? Not a big deal at all. As the title itself clarifies, the tricks to keep that sugar and spice alive in your relationship.

Believe me, men around the world have similar characteristics, when it comes to relationship with any woman. Though, Men fall easily for any good looking girl, but beware of these species, the way  they show all their attention for you, they can be the one to ignore you exactly in the direction opposite to their attentions.

In case, if these attentions continues without your efforts then again it’s the time to get alert girls because there is something fishy in this. Let’s get in to details of making him always liking or loving you.

How to Make a Man Want You

How to Make a Man Want You

You love him and want him to love you forever. This is the essence of any love relationship. The relationship tips for How to Make a Man Want You is just simple like man. This is also useful for how to make a man interested in you

1.Intelligence turns ON any Men.

Yes! Beauty and Intelligence together are killer for any Men. It’s not like start pretending that you are intelligent, but you can do your best by staying updated. Don’t pretend to be intelligent, but knowing or researching about his work area can definitely help you, make him fall for you. If you are seeking an answer on how to make a man interested in you, this is the perfect answer.


2.Don’t wrap your world around him

It’s a feminine tendency to get wrapped around the man or considering the person they love as their entire world but man feels suffocated by too much of attention. Too many phone calls or too many love you, miss you messages after some instance get boring. Give him his space and enjoy your own.

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3. Watch his favorite movie or sports with him

Men are Men finally. There choices, selections apart from woman are all man like. They love to watch all those action-jackson blood shredding movies or cricket, football and rugby. Sometimes, it happens that we being girls want some tender moments with him, but it can be fatal for your relationship if you try to drag him away from his interests. So, helping your relationship grow, just take a popcorn basket, a tin of coke and enjoy his favorite movie or sport.

How to get a man interested in you
How to Make a Man Want You

4. Show him that you understand

Even though you feel like killing him for some reason, keep calm.

There are always ups and downs in any relationship. Sometimes your guy tends to behave in most irritating manner for you. You feel like getting over of him. Many a times, they pour all their frustrations or outbursts on you and expects you to understand him. In such cases, even if you feel like killing him, just calm down and say you understand him and stay quiet. This is just a trick to maintain a relation because what guys love best about their girlfriends is they want them to understand whatever they do is right.

Time always changes situation

Let this moment pass and after sometime you can tell him that he was wrong. Believe me, he won’t be able to utter even a single word. I agree that heated conversations can’t be avoided all the time. This is the best trick to keep the relationship loving for a long time. The best answer to How to Make a Man Want You.

How to Make a Man Want You

5. Sometimes make him jealous

Jealousy, thy name is Men. This statement applies to man equally. If you doubt it, then just try it. They are far more jealous then we females are. Start praising some other guy in front of him. Pretend to give him more importance. But beware doing this in most controlled manner and don’t spoil the fun part. After all, all this exercise is to be with him and not with anyone else, right?

How to make him want you

6. Always look good

Even though, how many times a man says he is not bothered with beauty of a female, guys, he is faking. No man can resist a beautiful woman passing by him. It is understood that everyone can’t be born beautiful, but good dressing sense and better presentation of your personality can make you eye catcher at any platform.

7. Always keep something secret

When you get into relationship with anyone, don’t just open up completely. Always keep a hidden side of your nature or personality undisclosed. This a way to maintain spice in your relation and a feeling to explore keeps that intriguing nature of man, engaged. With this trick, you can always keep your man wanting you.

8. Never force him for anything

All creatures on earth wants to live their life their way. We humans are among them. In many cases, we listen people saying that our relationship has become mature. We now understand each other. Now what is this understanding and maturity, it is nothing but we start understanding needs of the other person, their likes and dislikes. Thus, letting him live the life he wishes will bring him back to you from anywhere. You can always put your point in wise manner with technical details and examples, which is better understood by male brains.

How to Make a Man Want You

9. Sometimes show him how much you depend on him

Man love to see their girl depending on them. Sometimes give him that feeling that you need him. Ask his assistance to choose something for you. Even if you are technical geek, seek his expert advice in case of mobiles or cars. I won’t say this is the best trick on How to Make a Man Want You, but at times you can use it.

a girl in water hd image

Make him addicted to you

10. Flaunt your body

A beautiful female body with feminine grace can make any man fall. Make a point to work out regularly. Maintain that elegance in your behavior and enjoy being a female.

Man and Woman are fillers of each other. There is nothing bad in doing little things to keep your relationship alive. A lively love life can actually help anyone live in heaven. So go ahead and no more questions on How to Make a Man Want You? He is already wanting you.





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