In today’s mobile-centric school environment, it’s very important to keep up with latest technology trends that can have a big impact on your educational needs. The influence of modern technology helps in shaping new ways of learning and thinking. Here are some of the trending educational technologies, adding value to learning experiences.
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Flipped Learning

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It’s a type of blended learning which helps students in learning their chapters comfortably at the comfort zone of their home by enjoying interesting video lectures and understanding lessons online, completing their homework. It’s a small and easy process through which students can learn with the help of their friends by using critical problem solving instead of learning it from the teacher. With the use of Wi-Fi enabled education technology, students gain more by creating an interactive environment. This way educator can analyze their student’s response and stay engaged with their students even out of the classroom.

Virtual Reality:

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It’s a form of technology that can help students to learn science and history to the next level. Students won’t find their history chapters, Pythagoras theorem in math, and periodic table in science boring as they can virtually visit any place that they do not have physical access and understand well. For Example- Historical monuments, under the sea, countries etc. This way learning Science and maths can be fun.

Digital Textbooks

op 5 Technology Trends in Education

You must be thinking about the cost to provide tablets to students. But have you ever thought of saving textbooks. These digital textbooks are cost-efficient and can easily be updated to reflect the latest information. With just one time investment, students will be able to access any type of book they want to.

Adaptive Learning:

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Adaptive learning helps in providing interactive and dynamic content to the students. It can respond to a student’s interaction in real-time by providing individual support to students. It is mainly based on content, assessment, and adaptive sequence. Adaptive content works on student’s responses with valuable feedback and hints. Adaptive assessment monitors student’s progress by providing practice papers. The adaptive sequence is to analyze student’s performance and use that for better learning experience. This trending technology would benefit board students in revising their CBSE Syllabus and assessing their knowledge while preparing for exams.


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It is the unique concept of game-based learning which is applied to different activities of classroom, making it more interesting and fun. The idea to use this concept in education is to provide challenges to students, reward them, and then again provide them difficult challenges with bigger rewards. After winning any game, your brain is triggered with motivation which makes the learning, a positive experience. With this, students would not be forced to sit and learn, they’ll enjoy learning by accepting more and more challenges.

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