Koi fish tattoo design their meaning along with the details of history is provided in this article. We knew about koi fish tattoo designs, but never had an idea of such huge subject of Koi fish color meaning chart, Japan Koi fish tattoo design, dragon koi fish tattoo design. So it would be better to take a dip in the world of Koi tattoo and koi fish drawings. Koi fish holds a lot of importance in the world of Japanese and Chinese Tattoos. Dragon, Koi Fish and Lotus are lucky charm for tattoo designs. Almost every design holds a symbolism for tattoo making on the body.

Top Best Koi Fish Tattoo Design

If you are keen on having a tattoo with a koi fish, you need to go through some details regarding the meaning of a koi fish tattoos. There are different koi fish tattoo meaning swimming up or down or color of the koi fish.


Japanese Koi fish sleeve tattoo designs

The people of China and Japan takes the meaning of Koi fish tattoo as the fighting spirit against the adversities. But there is very deep meaning inside each design created as a Koi Fish Tattoo.

You shall also be interested in looking out for some most popular tattoo designs for men.

hindu-tattoos-fish-tattoos cluster flower with koi fish design for tattoo

Black and White Koi Fish Design for Tattoo

Koi fishes and the tattoo symbolizes courage and inner strength. The black color koi fish meaning is basically stands for the one who has gone through great struggles in life and have overcome all obstacles to stand strong.

In Japan, each color of Koi fish signifies a family member. The one with black color is generally father of the family.

Koi fish tattoo design drawing doodling

Koi fish with lotus flower tattoo designs

koi fish with lotus flower tattoo meaning – Lotus generally grows in mud. It signifies the beauty while living in dirt. Koi fish and lotus together makes a meaning of fighting against all obstacles and maintaining the inner purity.

koi-fish-tattoo-half-sleeve-for women

Koi fish tattoo for girls

Few tattoo designs are just for girls. Have a look at tattoo designs for women that most of them love.


Koi fish tattoo design free download

Koi fish represents life spirit. The power, the essence of life to fight and live.

koi fish swimming downstream meaning- It may seem contradictory to the facts shown as Koi Fish Swimming upstream, but everything has its own meaning differing with each person’s belief. It may show ongoing struggles in life.

dragon koi fish tattoo for men

koi fish tattoo design black and grey

Grey color in Koi Fish tattoo meaning is staying positive always. Same way metallic color in Koi fish tattoo meaning is representing wealth.

koi fish back shoulder tattoo

koi fish back shoulder tattoo for men

Koi fish full back tattoo designs

Tattoo ideas – Koi fish full back tattoo designs for men

koi fish tattoo shoulder

koi fish tattoo shoulder for girls


Yin Yang Koi Fish Tattoo Design On Shoulder of Back

Yin Yang means male female energy of the universe. It also symbolizes balance in everything that exists. Making tattoo design with Koi Fish in circular movement shows that everything is energy and everything is connected.

best japanese koi fish tattoo designs and drawings

Best Japanese Koi fish tattoo designs and drawings –¬†koi fish tattoo ideas for women

Forearm Tattoo of a koi fish koi-fish-tattoo-meaning-tattoos-koi-fish

Forearm Tattoo of a koi fish – simple and easy koi fish tattoo ideas for girls

koi fish back shoulder tattoo

koi fish back shoulder tattoo – black yellow and red tattoo with koi fish


koi foot tattoo designs for girls

red black gold Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

red black gold Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo – black and grey koi fish sleeve tattoos


Koi Fish Tattoo For Females on the arm


Koi Fish Rib Tattoo Designs

Lotus-flower-tattoo-designs with koi fish

Lotus Flower tattoo designs with Koi Fish


Rib Cage Tattoo Design With Koi Fish


Girly Koi Fish Tattoo Design ideas looks really good with cherry blossom flowers. Rib is the best place for tattoo with Koi fish for girls.