Topics Women Love To Talk About


What topics women love to talk about? Always a confusion for a man. We have the answer for this topic to get you start the conversation.

Topics women love to talk about

A guide for men to start the conversation

Women love engaging in conversations especially when the topic fascinates them. Females have a tendency to talk endlessly and do chit chat as much as they can but when it comes to a guy who wants to engage in an conversation with a lady, it becomes a bit difficult for him to start a specific topic that should make the lady to indulge in the conversation automatically. Below here is a glimpse of some of those all time favorites of women.

Hope and Aspirations

Asking her about her hopes and aspirations in life is an area of interest and when asked from a woman say,”What are your hopes from life ?” and so it goes on well and gives a formal yet cool outlook of a person who is asking.


Women just love talking about their dreams and fantasies. Ask her about her dream date or some thing of that sort which indulges her in the conversation for a longer period of time. Talking about her dreams will boost up her imagination and she will feel respected as well. If she gets someone to talk about her dreams, she would love to talk about that.

Movies and music

The more the conversation will be full of entertainment, the more the lady will feel ease in getting more into it. So, ask her about her favorite music artists and her music genre. Turn the conversation and ask her to sing a song of her favorite artist or you can sing one for her or you may grab the latest edition of her favorite artist and make her listen. This will make her feel more comfortable and cheerful. Ask her out for a movie after knowing her most loved choice or genre of movies. Know her likes first then go for the further action.


So what-sup with your friends ?? Do you mind me becoming your friend are the questions that should be asked after a slight series of conversation.Now that you people are conversing comfortably, she wont deny becoming your friend. Ask her about what is the most loving thing about her friends or a friend she adores the most. This is going to fascinate her even more.


Her favorite destinations and the places she simply craves to visit is also a good topics to start with. Ask her about the place and gain the knowledge that why she loves the place this much and listen to her attentively while she expresses her desire. She loves to dream and she loves to talk about her dreams.

man-and-woman-talking-2Hobbies and interest

What you like to do in the spare time or do you have a hobby ?? She loves to tell about her general interests and hobbies if she has any. If you can relate with her hobby then it is the best thing that ever happened between you people. It will make the conversation become more interesting and let you people know each other better.


When the conversation reaches to this optimum level then the things become smoother and more ease gets surrounded between you people.This is the time you can ask her about commitments and talk to her about them more intensely. What makes them feel loved and romantic ? and things of that sort . Remember the fact that the communication needs to facilitate an area of understanding,compassion and ease. This is the best topic on which woman love to talk about.

men-talking-to-womenAvoid the boring and serious topics when talking to a lady for the first time. It will make her feel awkward and difficult to express her self. Talk honestly and ask light questions that excites her and help you guys in relating to one another.

This is what we felt that can keep any conversation going and what topic women love to talk about? Any man can definitely start conversation with this basic stuff.




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