Is Walking Good For Weight Loss? There has been a lots of debate on walking and weight loss. In today’s society people are knotted with the common issue of overweight. The reason for extra calories on their body could be any – overeating, bad lifestyle or gaining due to any unintentional means. The health problems that arises due to weight gain are uncountable. Other than health problems, there are psychological problems arising. Now a days, there are many people, who are more concerned with their appearance issue.

In total, being overweight is a major concern for health medically. Health problems like diabetes, heart diseases are strengthening their roots in the human body. The impact of overweight on humans is very vast, it affects person’s life style, mood, sleep, energy levels, breathing and more.

In today’s busy schedule, people scarcely take out time for exercising, gym and performing activities like yoga which are beneficial for their health. Eating habits have also worsened. So, how to burn down extra calories safely and by performing convenient exercises.

Yes, there is one such effective and the safest form of exercise – ‘Walking’. Walking and weight loss are linked parallel with each other. Walking is something that anyone can manage in their daily schedule.

Some experts say that  walking does not work for weight loss. There are thousands of examples to say that walking is the best ever exercise to lose weight. A total sedentary lifestyle in metros is leading to obese. Sometimes, working out in gym has proved harmful to people, but simple stress free walk is a holistic approach towards healthy life.

For people, who are trying to take up walking as a weight loss exercise, then you have to be clear about your motive. Is walking Good For Weight Loss, let us check.

Simple and Easy walking and weight loss tip

  • Be regular in taking daily walks.
  • Always wear comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Try to walk near to nature.
  • Start with slow walk.
  • Initially, walk for the time, your body supports. Gradually, start increasing time of walking.
  • An exercise is said to be complete,when you perform it for 45 minutes.
  • Challenge your body.
  • Take brisk walk.
  • Run in between
  • Stop somewhere and bend your body
  • fast pace and slow pace
  • Jump wherever you feel like (this will make you feel like a new life in new. Never over do, just for fun)
  • Never forget to control your diet. Eat six times a day, but in proper proportion.
  • Cut down on ice creams, pastries, cakes and biscuits.
  • Learn to go holistic. Pray before eating.

If someone, who works in an office and take their car to the site, he/she could park few miles before and could walk the remaining distance. Start Climbing stairs instead of lift or escalators. Adopting these simple advices for few months could burn down pounds of body calories. Hooking this easy and beneficial exercise into your lifestyle could improve your health to a supreme level. It keeps you active and fit.

walking and weight loss

Some useful walking and weight loss tips –

    • Parameters of walking like walking pace, distance walked determines the number of calories you can burn down. It depends on how often you walk on an average. If human walks with a speed of 4 miles per hour, he can burn around 400 calories in one hour.
    • If not 4 miles per day, don’t take stress. You can burn extra calories by walking extra 3 miles in a day. Someday you could walk shorter distance in your daily schedule.
    • Use of helping devices like Pedometer, which keeps track on your walking plan and aid in burning extra calories while walking and indulging in your daily tasks.
    • Pedometer is a device which you can attach to your cloths near your hips, it’s a very light weighted and doesn’t hinder your comfort-ability. It tracks your daily steps and routine, and boost your efforts .

Walking and Weight loss calculator

  • Number of steps needed in a walk depends on your weight. For example you walk daily completing around 7,000 steps and maintaining health with all other daily routine task, further you want to lose more weight simply depends on increasing the distance and steps.
  • 1 mile burns around 100 calories, so on an average a man need to take 2,000 steps in a regular mile.
  • Above all, enjoy walking and weight loss. Never take stress of losing weight, while walking. Just enjoy it. To boost your motivation for walking, go for a great track suit. Also buy a convenient music player, which you can hear, while walking. Tie a wrist band with a weight loss calculator. Your new look will inspire you to walk more. Make a point to walk at pace and not just roam around.


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