Chinese New Year is the instant matter of celebration. New Year is starting all over fresh again. New Year is giving a try to our long suppressed dreams in the name of the resolution. I can hear your mind voice loud enough. Thinking why am I talking about the New Year when it is done. Actually, it is not. Okay. To put it straight, New Year for the Chinese folks is fast approaching. The Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 19. The New Year celebrated in China is favorably called as “The Spring Festival”

Chinese New Year HISTORY

         The Chinese New Year has been celebrated from the 20th century, so it is strongly consanguineous to the Chinese people. From the year 1912, China confederated to join with the rest of the world people to celebrate the New Year on January 1. However, China also celebrates the ancient New Year with more sense of importance by giving it a new signature as Spring Festival.

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TRADITION OF SPRING FESTIVAL – Chinese New Year Traditions

           Unlike in India, in China, during the New Year all the houses will be cleaned thoroughly and all the unwanted stuffs will be eliminated. It is like we do on Bhohi Pongal, a Hindu festival. It is done to get rid of the unlucky, black blessings we might have collected the previous year. Crackers are set off in front of the house to scare away the evil spirits. By evening it is staunchly recommended that all the family members should get together for dinner or an evening meal. At the New Year eve family dinner, fishes are not to be eaten despite they have noodles as the long noodles symbolizes long and cherished life on their terms. Gift exchanging do takes place as a traditional pattern of celebrating the special day. Among that red envelope containing money for passing it from older people to the young ones is much familiarly followed pattern of gift exchange. In short the Spring Festival is patterned to give a lucky touch to the fresh year and to add blessings to the elders and parents of the family.

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             If we plan to go along the Chinese astrology, then this year is the year of the goat. The 12 zodiac animals are Pig, Dog, Rooster, Monkey, Goat, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger, Ox and Rat. With our birth date as trump card we can get the entire future-view about our life like the character, career, about the job, about health, about relationship and every other detail of one’s life. It is like our Indian astrology system. It is all about belief, trust and also sometimes for curiosity to know what lies in store for us in the future. The compatibility of the Sheng Xiao – the Chinese zodiac depends on the individual. Depending on Chinese New Year Animal compatibility, matches for future collaboration are considered. Sometime it matches perfectly and sometimes it won’t. The animals are used to predict ones, future as it is done according to the lunar calendar. While placing the Chinese New Year animal in order, the Rat comes first because it is believed that rat was the first animal to make air enter into the ancient dark Chinese world. The new Chinese year is starting with the animal goat or some are also mentioning it as sheep. The Chinese New year animal characteristics as per the statistics are as follows.

Chinese New Year elemental significance: earth, resembles quality of the earth

Compatibility as per Chinese Zodiac signs: boar and Rabbit

Chinese New Year Animal Characteristics: Elegant, charming, tasteful, crafty, warm, intuitive, calm and sensitive.

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How to say Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese?

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Gong Hey Fat Choy

A 40 days spring festival, when entire Chinese community enjoy holidays, is called Spring Festival. Spring festival of China is considered as biggest migration event of the year, where Chinese people prefer to travel from one corner of China to other corner. Huge public jams on roads and railways are common during these days in China. This year 2015, to take a step towards building relationship with India, China has declared Travel India day to promote tourism to India, which is a matter of proud and feeling warmth for every Indian.

In the midst of all these stenciled systems, the younger generations there takes the Spring Festival as a day of break or a day to cherish it by having fun in their own happy ways. It is just a day to relax and mitigation of fast running life almost all over the China now. Yet the beauty of the traditional Spring Festival will linger in our minds all along. A whole hearted wish to all the Chinese friends, Kuaile zhongguo xinnian – A very happy Chinese New Year 🙂Happy New Year Chinese wishes goat animal                                       Download free hd wallpaper images of Chinese New Year Animal Sheep




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