What is Krav maga? : It is a hand to hand combat system which fully relies on practical techniques. The defense training was developed for the Israeli defense forces (IDF). It is not only a self-defense technique, but also serves as a perfect technique to make us stay in good shape. It is the most practical fight technique, which was developed from street fights. Even though, Krav maga’s main motive is to be able to defend oneself, it also has workout plans that can lead you into a healthy way of life.

Things you will need for Krav maga practice:

  1. Area required for practicing Krav Maga size 10 by 10 foot
  2. Buddy for practice
  3. Punching bag.

Key features in Krav maga are the punches, kick blocks, chokes, holds and ground defenses.

what is krav maga

Krav Maga Warm up:

Like every other martial arts technique or any physical training exercise, this form of defense training also involves basic techniques as warm up.

  1. Begin with one minute of jumping jacks
  2. Crunches for thirty seconds.
  3. You can also take cardio exercises, which result in better physique.

 Krav Maga Moves:

Some of the moves are as mentioned.

  1. Front Kick From The Ground
  2. Round Kick From The Ground
  3. Side Kick From The Ground
  4. Axe Kick
  5. Back Kick
  6. Front Kick
  7. Cross Body Punch
  8. Elbow Strike

It has a learning curve for beginners, take your time and perfect the moves. As you have mastered the Krav Maga moves, carry on with the heavy work out session, where you can increase your stamina and build your strength. Mixing up of workouts plans is always effective.

Krav Maga Lessons:

Krav maga lessons are offered as DVD tutorials even if you do not have the time to attend the sessions. There is always the old school way of attending the lessons with reputed trainers, the choice becomes yours there. Krav Maga Workout plan basically involves the drills and techniques that are put together in the practice session. After each lesson resting is very essential in this training as the training totally drains out your body. Stay hydrated before the practice session. The practice sessions are little bit different and you may feel sore after few workouts, so give your body rest before you start working out once again.

Many defense training have become subject of interest for the people in the fitness world. You should also have a look at Kalaripayattu training

What is Krav Maga’s workout plan?

The basic warm-up, drills, practices and Cardio workouts is the plan. Krav Maga workout plan is formed by mixing it all up. It has various types of chokes and defense techniques that will help you to escape from a person if in case you are under an attack. This technique also helps you to defend yourself against any weapons the attacker may have.

What is Krav maga’s Advantage?

There is no need of prior experience for IDF. Once you learn the the basic stance, strikes, movers all you have to do, is practice. There are no showcase events for krav maga. It is a technique that simply helps you to defend yourself in times of need and helps you to stay in a good shape.

In short, it is an excellent defense technique. It was developed in Israel for commandos. Learning anything in physical form has an added advantage of physical fitness. It has great advantages in fitness form and good shape of the body.


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