What is Reflexology? Same question happened to me, when I first reached a Spa near my home to encounter. Though, the experience was not that satisfying with the particular Spa. I asked the therapist about what is reflexology and what you are going to do? To a setback, she gave me no reply and started doing something with my feet. I preferred to stay silent after that. What are the benefits of reflexology? What is the way of treatment of reflexology? You should know it all to accept the good factors easily.

Reflexology is a type of treatment, which involves applying pressure to parts of hands or feet to cure illness and relieve them of pain. These methods date back to prehistoric periods. Reflexology has been documented in the history of China and Egypt. There are specific regions in our hands and feet that corresponds to different body organs. The Reflexologist applies pressure to those regions.



What is Reflexology?

“A method which uses pressure on feet and hands to fix the problem in corresponding body organ”. Though, reflexology cannot diagnose diseases. It is becoming more popular now a days due to its effective results. Reflexology is similar to acupressure but the pressure points and the reflex points do not coincide. Though both are different techniques often reflexology is confused with massage.


What is Reflexology’s focus?

Reflexology’s main focus is to work on all the parts of your feet to clear the nervous system and to circulate the blood flow. Reflexology targets on healing the entire body. If you have problem in certain area of your body, the Reflexologist will treat that part first. But as per the principle of reflexology, he will treat entire hand or feet. The perks of being in session with an experienced Reflexologist are, they always stay in a calm and centered state of mind to make us feel relaxed. Some Reflexologists claim that the reflexology treatment, cures diseases like cancer, asthma, diabetes, etc,. Although, there is no evidence for such facts. But several studies prove that reflexology can reduce the anxiety caused due to serious clinical conditions.

What is Reflexology principle?

Reflexologists claim that by pressurizing the reflex zones they stimulate the body in healing itself. There are over 7000 nerve endings in feet. They are connected throughout the body by central nervous system. By applying pressure to specific reflex zones in the feet the relaxation is achieved.

Benefits of Reflexology

The first benefit of reflexology is obviously the reduction of stress. Relaxation, anxiety and stress relief are sure shot positive side effects, anyone going for treatment will experience.

Health benefits of reflexology also include pain reduction. Reflexologists believe that the yin yang balance is maintained by this method, which results in reduction of pain.

The effects of reflexology include a flow of energy into the body which gives you a boost of energy.

Precautions for Reflexology:

It is not advisable to undergo the reflexology method if you have a pacemaker. It is advisable not to consume alcohol before or after the session for at least 24 hours as it may change the effectiveness of the treatment.

Benefits of Reflexology also include toxin removal, relief from migraines and headaches. It also stimulates the blood circulation, which results in proper working of the digestive system. Perfect circulation of blood also results in faster metabolism, which helps in faster healing of damaged cells in the body.

It is also beneficiary for pregnant women during labor and the recovery time. It reduces the stress in women and helps in healing of their body in a quicker phase.

Reflexology can cure cancer or not, is the matter of debate, but it can reduce the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. It helps in reducing the spread of cancer cells and helps in fighting cancer cell by stimulating anti-oxidants.

So, when the question arose that what is reflexology, we have tried to give every details available on it.