What is Tabata? It is a series of intense training to stay healthy. It was invented by Izumi tabata based on the studies of High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.

Tabata workout involves twenty seconds of intense training followed by ten seconds of interval, then the repetition of the process for six or eight cycles.

High intensity workouts can take a toll on beginners, so it is recommended to start in a slow phase and work it to the intense training. Tabata workout for beginner can include just four of the routines for maximum of eight minutes per day. With the gradual increase muscle intensity and the stamina will also developed.

What is Tabata workouts for beginners and combination?

What is Tabata training exercises all about, let us have a look at

What is tabata

For four minutes we need to do intense workout in a pattern. The most basic example that can be given about tabata workout is
1. Push-ups (Four minutes)
2. Body weight Squats (Four minutes)
3. Pull-ups (Four minutes)
4. Mountain Climbers (Four minutes).

Tabata wokouts for beginners induces the metabolism, strengthens the muscles and also builds the muscles. Beginners can go as far as twenty two minutes workout per day which will be effective. It will also help to avoid stress. The exercises you choose must be beneficial for maximum number of muscles. It is like a package in which most effective result can be obtained.

Tabata wokouts for beginners must be chosen in proper manner that not only provides good results but also does not injure you.

If you are a calm being and wish to maximum benefits with relaxed state of mind then Yoga is the best option for you. Yoga Asanas To Reduce Tummy And Waist

Tabata Exercise List

There are various beginner tabata workouts to choose from. This will help in creating a routine . There is no perfect way to carry out a tabata workout pattern, it is mostly a combination of many workouts like
• Mountain climber
• Burpees
• Sit ups
• Pull ups
• Squats
• Crunches
• Bicep curls
• Sprints
• Stairs
• Shoulder Press
• Flys
• Leg raises
• Calf raises
• Bench press
• Deadlifts
• Triceps dips

At the beginning days of this training you might feel slight top to medium soreness. The soreness is due to the intense workout, no need to worry about that as long as you follow a good diet. Any workout plan you have will give you maximum benefits only if you have a good diet plan. Before the intense workout you can loosen up your muscles with warm up exercises.

Advantages of Tabata high intensity training:

1. The process is very quick
2. It helps you build muscle intensity
3. Helps in building the stamina.

Disadvantages of Tabata intense workout:

1. It is not suitable for people with heart problems due to its intensity.
2. There is always the risk of hurting the muscles as a result of intense workouts.

If you are looking to improve your physique and planning to stay fit Tabata training is a great way to do so.


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