Dusky beauty is a word recently being discussed so much. And why not? It has changed the definition of look of a woman. Earlier, woman were treated or considered beautiful, only when they were Goddess of fair complexion. But now, the scenario has changed. We can see so many successful females carrying that dusky beauty complexion. When I sit to analyze their success, the only thing that grabs my attention is their attitude, their appeal and the way they carry themselves.


Divas with dusky bodies are Goddesses of very sharp features. I have marked few with the most curvy curves, which can make any man fall for them. But I would like to deflect the topic slightly to satisfy the questions coming to my mind. Sometimes, it raises a question in my mind that is it a polished way of describing a woman as “dusky” instead of “black”.


So far calling someone as Black sounded a bit rude but calling someone by the name “dusky” is recently being taken as a compliment. Thanks to all this wonderful and sexy dusky ladies, who actually brought fame to the dusky skin owners. Even though these dusky beauties have made good way for other dusky skinned females but still there is a hitch in mind of people about the darkness of skin.


Is it just the attraction or infatuation for the skin type? In my views dusky beauties have better appealing factor compared to fair skin beauties. There is so much as a female then to our society has bound her beauty type in fair or dusky, tall or short, sharp or dumb features. Have you seen long legs of Naomi Campbell. Recent, no.1 actress of Indian Cinema, dusky beauty Deepika Padukone or always admired for her confidence Bipasha Basu are all beauties with exceptional features. The confidence that they reflect while walking on the ramp can actually take over any predefined beauty.


Gone are the days when woman used to feel an inferiority complex and give a way ahead to fairer beauties but now table has turned. Girls are no longer dependent on views of others. They have their own views and can feel beautiful internally. My advice to dusky divas is to be proud of your being. Dress up your best and enjoy the femininity in you. You can use a light makeup to enhance your features and see the world go round for you. Cheers to the term Dusky beauty.



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