What to wear on blind date? Today’s planned article for our reader. So, finally someone close to you has managed to set up a blind date for you and left you to experience the immense adventure and anxiety of it crawling up to your nerve. With lots of curious thoughts bubbling over your head, like what to keep in mind while preparing for a date, where the person you would be meeting is a complete stranger to you and you have no clues at all about their taste, be it the venue, food, likes, dislikes, etc. All these details matter a lot to make your blind date a success, but the first and foremost thing that can either make your impression or break it is the way you dress yourself. Your dress is more important in leaving an everlasting impression on a blind date because the person you will be meeting with doesn’t know much about you, so the first thing anyone will see is the way you dress up and the way you represent yourself. You yourself will not be interested in dating someone who has a bad dressing sense. You will also agree to this fact that no matter how easily you decide everything that is relevant to the date, the most challenging job is to select what to wear for the date and despite of getting so many days to decide what to wear you end up being lost amid innumerable apparels from your wardrobe with almost everything yet nothing to wear. Therefore, before getting wrecked up just give five minutes to this article which will definitely make your task much easier without having to take so much pains wondering what to wear and what not to.

What to wear on Blind Date?

  What to wear on blind date?

Steps to select the best for you

When deciding what to wear you need to follow these simple steps that will make you rationalize different options available and select accordingly. The important things in dressing up include your dress, footwear, accessories, makeup and hair. All these are essential in making a perfect dressing look.


  • Firstly, you need to keep in mind the place where your date has been scheduled. It is important to select your attire accordingly, as you would not want to look too gaudy for a beach date or too plain for a disc date.
  • If it is a summer’s day date, then opt for cotton casuals with light tones; pair it with denims and loafers. Colors like pink, white, yellow, light hues of blue and green are best suited. Fluorescent colors and denims over denims are also in trend these days.
  • For summer nights pick something light in cotton or rayon with a little detailing over it, pair it with flats or heels.
  • In winters opt for plum jackets which are very much in trend these days and pair them with denims and short length boots. However, men should opt for crisp shirts and leather jackets or blazers and pair it with boots.
  • Accessorize yourself a little which will help make an impression. Wear a watch and a belt to complete your look. If you are short, avoid wearing wide belts as they partition your body into two halves, which shows up your exact height.
  • Wear a nice perfume that blends in with your body odor and gives a pleasant aroma.
  • This statement is strictly for ladies out there reading this; wear minimal or no makeup on your first date. Just mascara, kohl and a lip gloss will do the trick.
  • Now comes the hair part, the nastiest to deal with especially when you have a bad hair day. For ladies, a loose pony tail or a braid gives a nice look; most popular this season is the fish tail braid, which goes with any hair texture and any face shape. For men, though there are not many available options to experiment with your hair unless you have a descent hair length, the one that is not too short, you can try spikes for the evening and go for a fresh and clean look in the day. Always clean your facial hair or at least trim them for a neater look.

Tips for blind date fashion

Now, that you have an idea about what to adorn yourself with, here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you end up being perfect, moreover, who would want to settle for less.

blind-date fashion

  1. Always wear attires that suit your body type. If you are one of the lucky ones to have an hour glass figure, then you will look good in almost everything and anything. But, for everyone else choose clothes that would accentuate your curves a little more and hide the unwanted flab.
  2. Wear clothes and footwear that you feel comfortable in. The more you feel comfortable from inside, the more you’ll be comfortable and expressive from outside.
  3. If you are still confused about the colour you wish to wear on your first blind date, then the most impressive colour without any doubt is red, be it a girl or a guy.
  4. Choose footwear according to the occasion. If you think you might require a lot of walking, go for comfortable flats and loafers. If it’s a dinner date, you can wear heels as well but make sure you carry them well.

Warnings, before going for a blind date

There are don’t s for everything. Some of the “not to do” things have also been listed to refrain you from missing out even the minute details.

  1. Don’t experiment with your looks and dress on a first time date. The safest option is to pick up a dress for which you have got maximum compliments; this would save you from the tragedy of going overboard.
  2. Don’t wear clothes that are too short or too tight at your first date, as your partner might not feel comfortable with you showing your cleavage or unnecessary parts and this might also send a bad impression about you, so save it for other consecutive dates.
  3. Don’t over accessorize yourself with everything you have. Accessories are just to add a splash to your personality, not to look overloaded. Keep it minimal and formal.
  4. Don’t experiment with your perfume as well. As, perfumes change their aroma after mixing with the body odour. So, always wear the perfume that you wear regularly, because then you know its fragrance.
  5. Don’t overdo your makeup. Keep it minimal or no makeup. The advantage of having minimal or no makeup is that your date will see you as your natural self and not someone who is made up with cosmetics. So, when in future you turn up someday to be in no makeup, at least he’ll not get scared of seeing the drastic change in you as then he will know how you look without makeup.


At last, nothing matters in this world as much as your attitude and confidence. Love yourself for whatever you are and people around you will surely love you too. Have a positive attitude, be confident in whatever you wear and adorn a beautiful smile on your face, which is sure to win many hearts including your blind date’s heart. Stay healthy, live well. What to wear on blind date? Clear now. So, keep that anxiety aside and jump in the pool of excitement.


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