School reunions, it can be a day to cherish in anyone’s life. Anyone can understand the excitement a person can experience to meet up the people with whom they  have spent the most innocent years of life. Today, we are grown ups. All of us are somewhere or someone can be even no where. But meeting your old friends is nostalgic as well as confusing. With these people, once upon a time, you never thought what to wear but today, thousands of thoughts are coming to your mind. You are confused on thoughts such as I would look completely out of the pond. What should I dress as? What to wear to High School Reunion? Should I be dressing like a young guy or a gal or like a professional? There can be even some people whom you wish to show, where you are today  or what is your position in this world.

What to wear to High School Reunion

My advice to anyone would be, keep all these thoughts aside. Just remember your childhood days and make a list of friends with whom you are dying to meet. Remember, all the topics, which are remarkable in your childhood with any of your friends. Long for those cozy tight hugs.

What to wear to High School Reunion

Let us take a highlight of dressing ideas for High School Reunion Party. I am taking it very lightly because I am totally focused on my friends and only friends.

Dress Code for High School Reunion

For selecting the dress, take a call with your friends. Decide on some dress code. A dress code can actually narrow down your search operation on dresses.

What to wear to High School Reunion

Black is always in

Go for a black. Blacks are always in for any events. If you have a nice figure then go for a little black dress. It will make you look elegant. But don’t restrict your choice to black. Dear woman, you are endowed with such colorful personality and traits that feel confident to flare any color. Select the one that suits your personality the best.

What to wear to High School Reunion

Best tips for high school reunion

  • Shop for it as early as possible. Wear it once a while to check your comfortable in it or not. On that day, you would be so busy with your friends that you can’t afford to be uncomfortable because of the dress. What to wear to High School Reunion is almost sorted out at this point.
  • Now that you have purchased the dress, the next thing that comes to the mind is  the accessories. Go for a vintage or royal delicate collection. Don’t overdo. Be minimalistic. These people, your friends are used to seeing you in the most simple manner, the school uniforms. 🙂

Stella-Dot-Sutton-Necklace-Christina-link                                                                 image courtesy: Fizzandfrostin

Decide on Accessories for the party

  • Now deciding on the footwear then you lovely women, think twice before going for high heels. It can disturb your comfort level. You can not afford to stumble in front of your buddies.
  • Catch on the most catchy  hand bags, clutch or purse. Color and comfort is the most important factor here.

gals in party mood

And as always what you wear is important but most important is how you carry it. Be confident enough to carry the color, dress and pattern at its peak. It  is not the dress, that can make you look beautiful, but it is you who can make the dress look the best on you. So wear your attitude and take a step ahead. Hug your friends, share that hi-fi, dance like nobody is watching you. When you leave the place, leave it with best of your smile. What to wear to High School Reunion, does it matter to you anymore?



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