Where Are We What The Hell Is Going On ? Since many days, this thought is going in my mind. It is always better to throw out your frustrations, in a way rather then treasuring it.

One fine day, when I was sipping a tea and witnessing the light drizzle of rain on my window. I saw some females clicking pics. The clicks were not random. I could see all of them dressed at their best. In evening, we went to a restaurant, though in Surat, restaurants are too chaotic, even if you are paying quite a good amount, you can’t find peace. What I could I see was people, who are in waiting lounge are clicking selfies, updating their Facebook profile with status that blah blah is at most luxurious restaurant of the city having dinner with these people.

If I check my Facebook profile, I only see pictures of my friends, which in general are never a random click, but someone is standing outside their new home. Some friend showing pics of their luxurious apartments. Some sharing their shopping sprees. Some travel freaks updating their profile with latest travel pics. Yes posing along with the latest bought car.

It is always good to share your happiness with friends, but looking at some other scenarios, we can have a better understanding. I read an incidence in newspaper that group of teenagers belonging to very good cultured family were involved in theft of bikes, mobiles and many other things. A woman, who is living her life with a limited income is fighting and quarreling with her husband to have tours just like the way her friends are doing. She wishes to have her best pics to show her friend that she is also not left behind. This is not just the case with one or two woman, but everywhere especially in India people are getting drenched in trends. Men are dying to have latest mobiles, cars and update their job status. Woman are dying for latest handbags, designer dresses, publishing most updated pics.

Where Are We What The Hell Is Going On

It is so good to stay in touch with your friends. Facebook, WhatsApp and other online features have really brought the world nearer to each other. No one is separated with boundaries any more. You don’t lose your near and dear ones in meeting up ends of life. Seeing these points and staying connected with friends and family is the basic requirement of human nature.

Then why these qualities of showing off, competition, jealousy are coming up. Life is simple as it should be. Even I don’t have any solution to it. If I am traveling and if any of my friend pings, then I would love to update that I am here or there. I have stopped posting my pics in new dresses for likes and feed backs. I would really wish to collect some solutions based on suggestions. Is there any way to stop show off on Social Media. Stop competition related to dresses, cars, tours and travels.

Can’t we all have a feeling of compassion and love towards every person. There are many who cannot afford or should not get carry away in trends. Walk off in the rains to enjoy the nature and not to take pics.




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