Who is your soulmate? When someone introduces their spouse, the term soul mate is used. Soul mate, according to me is a person, with whom you can share everything, happiness, sadness and just be what you are. This was my perception to identify the soul mate signs before reading the book, The Law of the Spirit World. I have mentioned same book in my previous post of spiritual experiences, but the most touchy thing, I got to know from this book is the concept of a soul mate. What are the soulmate signs? How to identify your soulmate? What is a soulmate relationship, all is explained very well in this book.

Who is your soulmate?

The dilemma of how to know if someone is your soulmate is very tricky thing. According to the book, God has created every living being in a pair. The soul mates having eternal bonding are called as Twin flames. The person or spirit shares an eternal bond. There can be the cases, where one of the two is serving in the human world and other is present in the spirit world. Both the soul are so intimately connected that they if one is happy, the other is happy and if one is unhappy, the other feels the same feeling, though the one on the earth are not aware of the existence of their actual twin soul. But the one, who is not in the world is constantly engaged in helping out the other soul on the earth. The help can be in the form of divine support, emotional support, sending an angel for help or initiating some human, to help. It may happen that both the souls are on the earth, at the same time. Now, they will meet each other or not is not sure.

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There can be the cases, where your soul mate in this life is serving you as your brother, sister, wife, husband or someone, completely unknown to you. Signs to identify your soulmate is the deep eternal connection, you feel with each other. It is not worldly love, which happens along with physical attraction or feelings for each other, but overall, a divine intervention is felt to recognize your soulmate. If you are into spiritual practices or a believer of spiritualism, chances are strong to identify, the soul mate around you. Life just passes on without identifying the one for you.

So, the concept of life mate and soul mate is totally different. Life mate is the one with whom, you can enjoy worldly pleasures, but the soul mate is the one, who prepares you for the divinity and helps you to progress on the path of salvation. Earning, gaining, getting higher degrees, huge pay scales are all virtues of this materialistic world, but the purpose of the human soul is to attend divine salvation at the end of living a life. This is the concept explained in the book, The law of the Spirit world, written by Khorsed Bhavnagri and Rumi Bhavnagri after losing their two sons in a car accident. You should read this book, as this is just a section of soulmate, that I am able to present as well as a review here. Hopefully, you have found some light in vision of searching who is your soulmate?


    • Ya..If you are believer in spirit world or want to know the reason of life and life after death, then referring this book can be a platform for further research.


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