Why do women love shoes? A good pair of shoes is not a mere fashion statement only, but for ladies it is something extraordinary, precious and explosive.Wearing heels doesn’t only uplifts a girl physically, but psychologically as well. It just makes a woman feel “out of this world” as it is well said “How can you live a high life if you do not wear high heels ?” Since ages, it is accepted fact that women love shoes and so far there have been many woman and shoes quotes and stories.

why do women love shoes

Why do women love shoes

Putting on our pretty pair of shoes immediately makes a woman feel, hotter than hell. We never miss an opportunity to buy those eye appealing pair of shoes even during the off sale season. Buying beautiful shoes, brings women joy and cheer which is also proven by the science. As per a study, buying new footwear stimulates an area of the brain’s pre-frontal

why do women love shoes

cortex, which has been termed as the collecting spot. Women who keep on collecting various kinds of shoes may not realize the fact, that shoes are undoubtedly a collector’s component. Each type of shoes that we collect leads to a mini formation of adrenaline in our bodies. Its much like a craving or an addiction.


Ranging from all shapes and sizes, from high stilettos to sneakers and moccasins, our admiration list is everlasting and immeasurable. All women trunk is comprised of ample kinds of shoes. Yes, we are not Carrie Bradshaw or Cinderella to have our own stories of beautiful shoes but still there are certain varieties that all of us want to own and we must indeed.

Summer fashion outfits

shoes for love

Wedges – shoes for skirt

Wedges goes well with the funky tops , skirts and hot pants as well. These are just a proper “summer thing”. The glamorous wedge heels looks fantastic and gives a comfortable experience while walking. Funky Wedges when combined with beautiful outfit and make up enhances the personality. If you are thinking what shoes to wear with short skirts, then wedges are the right option.


Pumps- Shoes for skinny dresses

The most classy and fabulous element among shoes, Pumps are a ruler of a woman’s heart. The bold colored pumps makes us feel like an angel goddess. Pumps can be teamed up with formals and informal simultaneously. Women should go for their own type of pumps, high or low, pointed or round as per their own convenience.

Riding Boots w Dress

Long boots- shoes for casual look

Brown and Black colored boots are evergreen and looks fantastic with casual attires. They give us a chick look and follows a high fashion statement when paired up with leather jackets. Since they are much of a winter thing, still boots can be mixed with denim shorts and baggy summer outfits. These shoes can also be called as an integral part of airport dressing.


Flip-flops – best shoes for beach

Comfortable yet stylish ! Flip-Flops are a fine commodity for beach and other relaxing places. Funky colored flip flops looks well with summer outfits and should be definitely in every woman’s shoes trunk. Flip Flops are the best for beach and bikini.


Sneakers n Oxford Shoes

Despite of the fact, that we are in an unconditional love with high shoes or heels,our shoe craving doesn’t terminates here. Oxford shoes looks fashionable when paired with casual and funky trousers. Pink and Blue colors elongates the style and gives, a new freaky look. Sneakers are unique and best mixed up with a little tom boy outfit. Sneakers are favorite among Bollywood beauties with skirts and pants.

Why do women love shoes

Fashion of crop top is increasing exponentially in India.

Shoes are a must own commodity for every lady as it is also said by the celebrated star Marilyn Monroe ” I don’t know who invented high heels but all women owe him a lot”. Yes, we are in an endless admiration with pretty shoes as it lifts our spirits up and turns a boring life into an higher experience. There is no reply to why do women wear high heels shoes, but yes it raises our confidence, sky high.

why do women love shoes

Hopefully, you got your answer on why do women love shoes?