Why Mahashivratri is celebrated ?

Mahashivratri in 2019 is on 4th March, 2019 on the day of Monday. It is celebrated on Teras, thirteenth day of Hindu Calendar.

If you search on the internet, there are many tales and the stories for the reason behind celebration of Mahashivratri. Apart from many facts and files related to celebration of Mahashivratri, what I can explain is Shiva is one among the TriShakti, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Mahesh is one name of Shiva. Shiv is also known as Mahadev, Maha + dev, greater than any deity. Different names of Shiva are Shankar, Nilkanth, Bholanath, Ashutosh, Nabhya, Chandhradhar, Kailash, Rudra and many more.

Shiv Maha Puran signifies that the fight among Brahma and Vishnu for establishment of supremacy and Shiva taking the reigns in his hands to calm down situation lead to celebration of Mahashivratri.

Some have even mentioned that Shiva went to marry Parvati with his Aghoris, skulls, snakes and demons in completely unworldly attire, which lead to celebration of Mahashivratri. The day of merger of shiva and sati that is, merging of ki and ka, male and female energy of the Universe is celebrated as Mahashivrati. This may be the most probable reason to Why Mahashivratri is celebrated.

As per some other people, Shiva swallowed poison, which came out of the Ocean, because of Samudra Manthan between Dev and Daanav (Deity and demon). HIS throat changed to blue color. In significance of having venom to save the world, MahaShivratri is celebrated. Shiva is also known as Nilkanth because of blue throat. Nil = blue, kanth=throat.

These are the probable reason or significance for celebration of MahaShivratri. MahaShivratri is basically a Hindu festival and very much related to inner conscious of a human.

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Facts of Shiva – The God

Out of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is Palanhaar, the one who helps survive and Shiva is destroyer. A significance to express the cycle of universe that, what starts has to end. So, Shiva is Devo Ke Dev – Mahadev, great among all deities and god. You can never see Shiva in worldly Avatar or studded with gold like other deities, but he is the one, who signifies ultimate mirror of life and his loving relationship with his better half Parvati, signifies the real truth of life, that is pure love.

Shiva wears a tiger skin cover on his half body with Rudraksh mala and a snake wrapped around his neck. He has held Chandra, moon in his long hair and controlled the flow of the holy Ganga in his Jata (long hair). Shiva rides on Nandi.

Do we need to send wishes for MahaShivratri?

Last year, It came as surprise to see people sending Happy Mahashivratri messages on WhatsApp, PC, desktop, Facebook and Twitter. It came to me as a real surprise. Mahashivratri is not at all the day like any New Year or Valentine Day. It is a day of worship and being one with the creator. A day to take a deep into your own self and analyse, where you are as a human. It is a time of meeting of Jiv and Shiv, Jiv is you and Shiv is the supreme power.

Still, if you wish to send messages for Mahashivratri and wish the people around  you then the best one is

The day of union of God and human
Take a deep inside
Meditate and love
Har Har Mahadev
Happy Mahashivratri 2018.

Sending an audio of Shiv Tandav is also a very nice way of communicating your best to your friends on the day of MahaShivratri to your friends and family. Just send the recording of Shiv Tandav and download it online.

Why Mahashivratri is celebrated – How is Mahashivratri celebrated in India?

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Preparation for Mahashivratri starts with Hindu families, quite earlier. People observe fast on MahaShivratri or have only Falaahar. There are special dishes, specially cooked on this day, made of Sabu Daana, potatoes, no salt, but Sindhav namak, only Ghee, Rajagra. In some parts having Bhaang or Thandaai on this day is mandatory.

Celebration of Shivratri starts from the previous night. In Gujarat, Ghee na Kamal of Shiv ling is created. It is very beautiful picturesque creations of Shiva family, Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha. Ghee na Kamal is made with pure Ghee and decorated with beautiful colors in temples.

Prasadi is in form of ‘Thandaai’ in temples. People even sit for whole night at temples to meditate and sing Bhajans or Shiv Tandav at the mandir. Junagadh Mela or Mela at Girnar starts a week before Shivratri at the foot hills of Girnar, where NagaBavas, Aghoris and many tantriks appear during these days.

How is Mahashivratri celebrated?

People organize Rudrabhishekam on the day. It is a day of very high positive vibrations. So people, who are practicing energy healing, energy  sadhna, or any other sadhna can experience huge favorable atmospheric changes in vibrations of nature. Spending whole day in name of Shiva is actual celebration. Singing Lingastakam, Rudrabhishek, Shivlinga abhishekam or chanting Mahamrityunjay Mantra can bring huge divine changes in life of sadhaks.

So we have discussed on Why Mahashivratri is celebrated . If you are a seeker you would love to get engaged in meditation and achieve the state of eternal peace.



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