Why Men Will Be MEN? A real question of hour..Hmmm.. You men!! That staring, that unwanted attentions, those actions to impress, always raise questions in my mind, Why men are MEN??. Though our entire species has moved on and evolved as Homo Sapiens, aka humans, then why men sometimes become like some people resembling our ancestors, the apes. If we go for using some regular terms then there is a lot of comparisons and discussions on behavior of a man. With time, every woman thinks that why men cheat? or what causes a men to cheat?

      why men cheat
                                             Men will be men ad
OK, before going further I wish to clear that this article is in no way written to show men down. After all males and females are creations of GOD to complete HIS universe and both are inevitable part of this surviving world. Taking your focus to our topic, once again, that why men sometimes become uncontrolled ( in many ways ), when they see any feminine beauty. And yes, it implies to all sort of age groups, all races, all communities, whether he be a successful men or a respectable men but, when it comes to feminine beauty they just fall!!! Expressions of falling can be different but falling is for sure. No doubt, Men will be men imperial blue ads are so famous.
why men cheat
Men will be Men ad
But it is never possible to understand formulation of species MEN that, ” what happens to them when they see beautiful women around?” . There Neck start bending and turning automatically and eyes swirling in the most fancy manner and many a times creating the most humorous situations too. Some people will reply that it’s just because “We are Men”. But can anyone explain it with any physical, physiological or biological compositions of MEN? I found all kind of explanation right from being a MEN to mythological connections but nothing that can actually pin point exact cause of specialized characteristic of MEN. My quest kept me searching and finally I found something that triggered a whole new flow of thoughts in me! I felt every man and woman should experience this flow, hence could not resist myself writing this.
why men cheat

Men Will Be Men

Perhaps you can get the reason for Men will be men meaning from this.. It is funny to read men will be men quotes and see men will be men ads.

This discussion (Why men will be men????) could be very long, but to start with I would quote a very strange lines about the ancient belief of Greeks. The Greeks believed that : Initially humans were created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus divided them in to two and after that they were destined or cursed to spend their entire lives in the search of their second half !!! Seems strange…. But after giving a thought for a while, it may start making some sense.
why men cheat
Now, when human are in the womb they are part of their mother’s body and when they are removed from or say when their physical connectivity with mother is cut they feel like a tree uprooted from soil. Their soul is always hungry, always distraught for the reunion with their soil. Up to this, things are same for men and women but women are designed to get this joy, this bliss or this feeling of fulfillment again in their lives while they are pregnant. Probably that is why a woman feels completeness once she becomes mother. But in the case of men, they are only eligible for just to see the ‘glimpse’ of this completeness during the orgasm phase of intercourse ( and that too if his partner is concerned enough !!! ).
why men cheat
So men are more hungry and so the men are more foolish and so the men are MEN. Until they get their mother, their soil back in the form of their life partner to unite with, Men will be Men.
why men cheat
On the other hand of this, woman most of the times prefers a gentleman, and man needs a woman, to become a gentleman.!! Our society is stuck in this vicious cycle of expectation and illusion!!! For a true man, rather than becoming a demon in the lure of getting pseudo-satisfaction, should prepare himself, should beautify himself , should strengthen himself, educate himself to make this union the most precious moment for himself and for his woman, a moment in which they will not be two souls but only one and perhaps not even one soul.!! ”
why men cheat
Unquote… Sounds thought provoking. Isn’t it? This explanation is brought into light just to open the doors for the thoughts which are generally avoided or neglected, it never ever justifies that Women, sex or treating women in a ways to just find satisfaction is acceptable in any manner. Since feeling rooted or getting satisfaction which comes out only when true feelings or dedication is there or situations may arise for anyone to lead to a sense of guilty feeling. This is something which cannot be concluded in discussions, one should actually come forward and do it, feel it and practice it. Lastly, I would say Males and Females are part of each other and they need to complete each other. And real beauty only can be brought by the true union of both these forces of nature. Hope this satisfied the question, why men cheat? or why causes men to cheat? what causes men to cheat good women?
Note :  I wish our society would give importance to such programs which can bring understanding among couples to a next level as much as they give to religious rituals and legal formalities.
So by now, a concept of men will be men is very well explained. You can very well keep on laughing on men will be men ads and jokes.



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