Yoga For Detox is a simple and easy key to proper functioning of body. Twisting Yoga poses and how does yoga detox the body are explained here.

You may find detoxification process onerous or something which is only practiced by rich people or those who have ample of time to do this. Engaging in Yoga for detox every day is important for every human body. Our body is designed in such a way that it needs detoxification every day. Technical detoxification means withdrawal of additive substance, linking it with health it means elimination of body waste which are present in our body. And the most general term for detox is removal of toxins from the body.

So what are the ways for detoxification beside taking liquids? One such is Yoga for detox. You may find Yoga Detoxification a bit strange combination but NO, proper yoga routine/daily exercises (combination of different exercises) helps detox your mind and body thoroughly. With each move and breath it impacts positive  and healthy note. It keeps mind and body peaceful, fresh and in present, and always direct us to move forward.

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So, how does Yoga detox the body?

There are bundles of yoga postures, in which, with each movement (twist and turn) it removes toxins from our body. It plays a pivotal role in elimination of wastes from circulatory, digestive and lymph system. In yoga stretching, bending, pulling, pushing, twisting body parts apropos for proper function of body and removing waste from body.

How Yoga is an optimal companion?

Daily, your body goes from a heavy loads to many stressful experiences, and the trick to keep up the body performance is to perform detoxification techniques on regular basis. All the internal process which are digestive, circulatory and lymphatic system works robust. Detoxification is a kind of maintenance work of the body. Like digestive system processes the food, we take in. It formulates the body needs like proteins and nutrients and eliminates the waste. Circulatory system helps in pumping blood throughout the body. The circulatory system enables delivering of oxygen and remove waste products from cells. Same way lymphatic system provides intra-cellular fluid to the nodes from where, the harmful substances like bacteria are removed. Yoga facilitates these systems effectively.

Twisting Yoga Poses – Yoga For Detox

Yoga kriya’s or you can say yoga postures promotes overall cleansing of body . Here are some of the simple twisting yoga poses to detox the body –

  • Twist your spine and hug your knee – Lie straight on the ground facing the ceiling, bend your right knees towards chest on left side keeping arms in T shape (wide open). Keep neck straight and then look right. Take 5-6 deep breaths at that position and then try it from another side.

Yoga For Detox

  • Stand on Shoulder – Shoulder on ground and legs up. Come into position, take support of your hands at your lower back keeping elbows about shoulder width. Slowly lengthen your feet towards ceiling, one at a time and then both feet up, when it feels good. Take 4-5 deep breath in that position, after that slowly lower your feet with support of your hand, sticking one vertebrate at a time with ground.

Yoga postures for detox

  • Twist while sitting – Sit back straight with legs long in front of you. Now, bend your right knee in such a way that the right foot comes outside of left knee. Keep your right hand on the ground and wrap the right knee with your left arm. Inhale and exhale deeply 5 times and try it from another side.

yoga postures detox weight loss

  • Chair position for one leg. Stretch out another leg in backward direction. Join both hands. Take position as per the pic.

chair pose yoga detox

Easy Yoga for detox poses to drain out body toxins.